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Unique flight routes, money saved, and no worries about missed flight connections! That’s how works.

What is is an innovative flight search engine that uses an advanced algorithm to find the best flight combinations possible. The site makes air travel affordable and easy, allowing customers to book anything from individual flights to complete itineraries across multiple airlines - both low cost and full-service carriers - in a straightforward and cost-effective way. issues boarding passes directly to customers, and offers an unrivalled guarantee which protects customers from flight delays, cancellations and scheduling changes. All this while serving global customers with 24/7 support.

Let's look at some of their best features.

Save money by combining different airlines. cooperates with almost 700 airlines worldwide, allowing them to combine low-cost carriers with big airlines; Lufthansa and Air Asia for example, or All Nippon and Jetstar. You would never be able to book this combination on any of the airlines’ websites, as they don’t normally cooperate with each other. This is where’s Virtual Interlining idea comes in, combining any and all airlines into one homogenous itinerary.

Let's have a look at an example. You want to fly from London to Bangkok; will show you the direct flights and the ones operated by a single airline and their partners.

But this is where Virtual Interlining comes in – they will also combine all the available flights, taking into account possible layovers during the way – so it’s possible you will fly out of London with one airline, hopping onto another plane in Cologne to take you onwards to Bangkok. That means, on this route, you can save around €152 ($190) taking a flight with a layover - and only add around 3 hours to your journey.

The experience is, in most cases, cheaper than any other flight comparison site. is on average 28% cheaper than the competition, but we’ve also seen savings as high as 90% in some cases. And it’s really easy to use, too - you can book your flights right away on the website, and you see all the information on one page.

But that’s only where the great things about start. When the time for check-in comes, it’s automatically done for you, and all your boarding passes are e-mailed to you. After logging into their Manage My Booking section, you can easily manage or change your flights, as well as adding other services like additional baggage, in-flight meals or priority boarding. Additionally for any issues you might need solving, there’s their 24/7 Customer Support service waiting to help.

Back from your travels and there’s still something to be sorted out? Did the airline lose your baggage? Were any of your flights delayed? Contact Their Consultants will assist you in dealing with the airlines and will recommend the best way to resolve the situation.

The Guarantee

We all know that flights get cancelled or delayed for plenty of reasons. With you might be flying with different airlines to your final destination. These airlines might not talk to each other about your journey and that means you could get stuck if you miss a connection.

If this happens, call immediately! You can call or chat (24/7) with them. Their superbly-trained Travel Consultants work non-stop and will help you get on another plane to your destination, or give you back the money you paid for unused flights. If there is no flight available on the same day, they will cover your hotel costs up to €50 ($53), and if the delay lasts more than four hours, they’ll provide up to €10 ($11) for food. Just make sure to keep all receipts.

You can find more details about the Guarantee in their Terms and Conditions.

Still having doubts? Check out the reviews on TrustPilot and see what other people have said about

Anyway, all we’ve got left to say is this: is awesome, we can't recommend them enough! Everything you need to fly anywhere in the world, for less, in one place.

So go, book yourself a flight! Happy travels.

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